Hacking ROI from marketing complexity.

The Consulting Group

We hack ROI from marketing complexity.


We partner with client-side and agency-side marketers to navigate complexity.

The complexity of marketing is growing exponentially everyday. This complexity is the result of the need to focus and align around a unified customer experience which has resulted in a much broader set of touch points, channels, formats, data sources, technologies, specialists, and levers for profitable growth.

Within this complexity, we help marketers who still must:

  • Increase sales or revenue

  • Improve the omni-channel customer experience

  • Reinvent customer experience through digital innovation

  • Demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives

  • Champion a customer-centric corporate culture across the business

We help marketers deal with the pressure they are under.

  • The heightened accountability and attribution pressures

  • The impact of low growth sectors, increasing margin pressure and zero-based budgeting

  • The greater pressure for short-term decision-making and results

  • The increasingly blurred lines of partners (departments, agencies and technology solutions)

We help marketers find the right mix.

  • The right balance of marketing as an art and as a science

  • The right mix of a unified customer data set (first, second and third party) in the GDPR era

  • The right mix of partners (marketing, technology, platforms) and performance models (input, outcome and/or output based)

  • The right mix of work done in-house versus external using hard (buy vs lease) and soft (talent and culture) criteria

We partner with marketers to achieve outcomes that are:

  • Simpler

  • Integrated and collaborative

  • Responsive, fast and agile

  • Proven valuable via attribution and modeling techniques increasing sales and reducing costs

  • Objective, transparent and trusted via expertise, reliability, communication, respect, intimacy

  • Transformative via creative ideas

  • Adaptive based on a rapidly changing customer and competitive set

  • Future proof by remaining on top of emerging technology (voice, AI, blockchain) and allow for strategic decisioning about what to do next (investment, technology, learn/educate/train, new capability)