Hacking ROI from marketing complexity.

The Agency Group

We hack ROI from the creation of agencies.


We partner with marketers to help design, build, operate or optimize in-house agencies for brands, new agencies for holding companies and new offices for agency networks.

Leveraging our consulting group approach and our experience running agencies, we help brands, holding companies and agency networks design, build and operate a diverse, comprehensive range of marketing agencies spanning brand advertising, customer relationship marketing (CRM), media planning and buying, public relations and numerous specialty communications agencies.

We can help across any or all dimensions, including:

  • People (culture, organizational design, roles)

  • Process (governance, workflow, quality assurance)

  • Information (processing, sharing, storing, securing, and displaying information and data/analytics)

  • Technology (IT, workflow, marketing automation, database, marketing technology and platforms)

  • Additional

    • branding and identity

    • unique value proposition

    • vision, mission, goals (Answer to “When do I call you?”)

    • financial reporting/oversight & KPIs

    • client/stakeholder management

    • partner selection/management