Hacking ROI from marketing complexity.


We are hybrids and hackers.



We are united in our passion to find simplicity within the complexity of today’s marketplace.

We are hybrids and hackers. Each of us is part architect, designer and engineer. Through a holistic customer experience lens, we adopt and adapt our way of thinking from methodologies and principles baked into growth hacking, design thinking, lean and agile to iteratively solve marketing problems. These solutions often involve:

  • Focusing on customers.

  • Collaborating across silos.

  • Keeping an open-mind.

  • Planning for uncertainty.

We provide objective consulting to client-side and agency-side marketers so that they can better capitalize on marketing complexity.

We value curiosity, empathy, and objectivity.

We believe 1 + 1 = 3

Our leadership

Mike McCartin Founder, C37 LLC

Mike McCartin
Founder, C37 LLC

Our founder, Mike McCartin, is an experienced CRM agency and analytics firm CEO with a demonstrated history of leveraging his marketing expertise (digital, CRM, direct, advertising and sales) to create valuable customer experiences for brands. He has held leadership positions across client services, consulting, strategy, analytics, creative, digital, data, technology, project management, business process,  production, finance and human resources. As CEO of Omnicom's Javelin (a CRM agency) and Enterprise Spectrum (a marketing investment management firm), he provided the vision, strategy and leadership to extend both groups' history of profitable growth. Prior to Javelin and Enterprise Spectrum, he served as VP of Digital at RAPP and before that worked for digital consultancies and publishing groups.

Throughout his career Mike has led with a passion for delivering confidence in a complex marketing ecosystem to corporate, clients and clients' customers via better, faster and cheaper solutions.  In founding C37, Mike wants to help marketers on the client-side and the agency-side capitalize on that passion.  

To learn more about Mike, visit his Linkedin profile.